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Theory Pages: Shared Subjective Experience Theory

Theory Pages: Shared Subjective Experience Theory I just posted a comment to this blog:
I wish I could give this the time I'd like to; my only connectivity is from a scavenged WiFi link and it's down more time than it's up.

"The need to apparently share subjective experience is a driving force in human beings."

This morning I heard Cory Doctorow (of boing.boing fame) on radio. He said something about "negotiated truth" that I think shows that sort of person's orientation: my line for years (rooted in my study of bodhicitta) has been, "There are basically two modes of being; one of the is all about projecting a world view through convincing and compelling and coercing ... it's about conquest. The other version is not; the second mode is about open-ness ... sunyata and madhyamaka, when not actually prasangika.

FWIW my "Participatory Deliberation" is based on principles of dialect and discourse.


p.s. if you wouldn't mind my copying this to my wiki, for discussion, please let me know.

Funny how our world opens if/when we allow it ... if we don't overwhelm it with our programmed wilfullness, with our over-arching need to express the sense of entitlement that papers over our low self-esteem. The fellow who wrote this paper shares a name with the fellow who could have been such a strong comrade to me years ago in Nova Scotia. "For lack of a nail a shoe was lost, for lack of that shoe a horse ... a rider ... a battle ... the victory." What about "For lack of a comrade"?


"Here is a place to look at ideas and to either support them or tear them apart. As you see the vision of the ideas of another, you are seeing inside an excusive and private world. The world of subjectivity - apparently."