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A step into the past brought me to a scratch document I created three years ago, during the A16 WB/IMF protests in Washington DC. Yet another step brought me to 1995 with my "Green Futures Foundation" project. In another direction, and I find myslef looking at Society for the Study of Process Philosophies (and Anne Pomeroy's paper on Process Ontology and The Critique of Capitalism), and Richard K. Moore's "Escaping the Matrix" (Are you ready for the red pill?), and R. W. Browning's "The Corrosion of Character" ... I guess this is what has made me such a happy-go-lucky sorta guy! ;-)

I should write something for each of these, but I'm low energy right now (if I get any more depressed I'm going to be in deep trouble)
*   openDemocracy and Democratic Underground
*   News for a Synergic Earth, in association with Community of Minds and Future Positive
*   These seems to be by a group of friends: "Working Together"; Sustainable CommUnity | WinWin Wolrd | Creating Learning Communities |
On Saturday I found out I'm going to lose my internet connection (hell, I can only barely afford telephone service!) and today I got disconnect notice for power. Geeezus ... like a very slow motion train crash. *I was tempted to make some remark about how Kafka-esque this is, but it occurred to me that making the remark would itself be even more Kafka-esque. Bottom line: it's breath-taking to discover how very little people care ... staggering, even.*