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 Testing text to speech

Many, many spelling mistakes!

Some times, quite often actually, I get dreams that are unusual.

Unusual because they're
so clear, so reasonable. there's no mysterious since there's no mysticism. Very realistic.

In the dream I got last night. It's like ... not me sitting in front of a metal container full of wires. liners but it is a feeling it was as though he was. Making a bomb safe. Designing a bone weren't exposed to the subject. And. What I found was that my knowledge and intuition was saying no no no no no don't do that. And yet. There's something really really really doing me doing it. And I don't know if it was at the end 2:00 hours later when I woke up what. But he came to me is that C. intuition to have with us staying on this sunny see I was looking for a life partner someone to talk about life and all that stuff you know real get to know the person and. I saw that I had with you. And then looking back I realize that no not really because that is the core of what I'm looking for is a partnership with the the the facts of social justice and the fact of confusion and all that stuff and we touch on that now and again but more often it comes crashing down and ends up with let's talk about something else is Douglas this is causing conflict this is change something and then it's. To use the crude language I always use. That's almost precisely opposite of what it should be. Since sitting here. Can you put clothes sitting here in my kitchen on the chair and make coffee delicious staring through the window at the. Yes hello clones and I really don't know what to do about this.



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