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I should write something for each of these, but I'm low energy right now (if I get any more depressed I'm going to be in deep trouble)
*   openDemocracy and Democratic Underground
*   News for a Synergic Earth, in association with Community of Minds and Future Positive
*   These seems to be by a group of friends: "Working Together"; Sustainable CommUnity | WinWin Wolrd | Creating Learning Communities |
On Saturday I found out I'm going to lose my internet connection (hell, I can only barely afford telephone service!) and today I got disconnect notice for power. Geeezus ... like a very slow motion train crash. *I was tempted to make some remark about how Kafka-esque this is, but it occurred to me that making the remark would itself be even more Kafka-esque. Bottom line: it's breath-taking to discover how very little people care ... staggering, even.*


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