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It's about bliss, right? And so what business have I getting bummed out and depressed. Well, I guess it's about being whoever we really happen to be, and I happent to be someone who's put it on the line without the absolute precision it takes to act impecibably ... so it's cost me a few times, and it's cost me for real, and taking stock of this is something like breath-taking.

Long story short, I wouldn't have it any other way ... shentong rocks.

The last while I've been trying to cope with real heartbreak stemming from the anti-globalization protest here, the turn it took at the end, when the key activists showed their real colours and mislead / misdirected the group (Q: how does an intelligent group turn itself into a mindless unthinking mob? A: Easily.) And the heartbreak is real ... I've developed some coronary condition. (Hey! I'm 48 ... it's been tough, and living poor for the past decade hasn't done a thing for my diet.) Part of that "coping" has been toying with a return to hi-tech, daring to remember what it's like to pull down a big paycheque for administering to the needs of Global Gulag. It'd be nice to have clothes that aren't worn out, it'd be nice to be able to buy decent food, it'd be nice to have a computer with a display that actually works, it'd be nice to not dread having phone or power or ISP disconnected. But I've got principles, right? So I expect to be back at this in the next little while, writing about how complete self-transformation is elemental and fundamental to the actualization of democracy. (Did I mention that shentong rocks?) Trick is, though, it's dialectical ... it's all dialectical.



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