Anchor for this item posted by Bernard (ben) Tremblay at Sunday, March 31, 2002; Sunday, March 31, 2002

It may be true that it's the workers who have the most to gain from fulfilling the boureoisie's democratic revolution and pushing it through as a project of emancipation, but it's also true that everyone gains. Not only the downtrodden and oppressed; even the wealthy gain since. in recovering their connection with the rest of humanity. they would re-establish the ground of dignity. But even more elemental to this is the method by which power will be redirected towards the fulfillment of human need: not by the sophistry of the educated, or by the trickery of the legalistic, or by the threatening lies of raw power, or by the elegant reconceptualization of the intelligensia, but by the cohesive honesty of those who experience their own lives. The primordial reaction to how capitalism drips blood from every pore ... that's the fundamental basis of unity.
Show me a man who suggests that uninformed collaboration in a lie will benefit you, and I'll show you a man who'll sell you out in a moment. In this culture of rabid individualism, who can find it difficult to understand the opportunist's addiction?


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